Vegan Presents and vegan perfumes for Easter

I was recently thinking what to buy my wife for easter. I wanted something special that would fit into her choice of starting out on a vegan lifestyle. However I was a little unsure of what would really fit the bill for Vegan Presents. So I hit google search to look for some ideas. Ok there were the general vegan presents that we always see advertised. I found vegan cosmetics, vegan perfumes, vegan candles loads of T shirts advertising veganism but that wasn’t really what I was looking for.

Then I found just what I was looking for. I had noticed for several months my wife was not eating chocolate. I thought nothing of it as she often goes on a diet and I thought that she was just cutting down on the calories. However I found from my google search that the reason for her abstaining from the chocolate was nothing to do with the pounds of weight loss but the fact that chocolate isn’t always vegan friendly and neither were her vegan perfumes. Interesting I thought as she really does love a chocolate. Hence I set about looking for Vegan friendly chocolate.

Chocolates can be great Vegan Presents

I found out that chocolate is made from cacao beans so it is really plant based. The beans are processed and then added as the top ingredient in all the different varieties of chocolate. Ok so far it’s vegan chocolate. However then the big companies decide to add dairy milk products so we get dairy milk chocolate. So NOT vegan chocolate!

But don’t despair you chocolate lovers out there as I found lots of companies who don’t add the dairy milk to their products and therefore their chocolate is suitable for vegans. To check out if a chocolate bar is vegan or not just take a look at the ingredients. Usually there are not too many ingredients so it is easy to tell. However do look out for things like whey or casein as these are milk based products.

Vegan Presents

I bought my wife a beautiful Easter egg that was totally vegan friendly. When I gave it to her she was a bit puzzled then I explained what I had found out. Guess what she was amazed and said she’d be buying these as vegan presents for her friends in future.