Making your own vegan perfumes

I recently found a lovely perfume on the High Street. I loved the fragrance but was unsure whether it was a vegan perfumes. After looking into the ingredients I wasn’t very happy about getting it as some of the things in there were from animal derivatives. So I had an idea to try and make the same scent myself. I made a not of all the ingredients on the bottle and then went online to find out how to make perfume.

I was amazed how easy it was to make up some really effect perfumes and also how cheap it was to do it as well. So I thought I’d write a blog to share with you my findings and how I made my favourite perfume. Why not have a try yourself at making your own vegan perfume. Just do as I did and look online at the ingredients and try to duplicate it. Ok you may not get the exact match but you could come up with something you really love at a fraction of the cost.Here’s how I did it.

How to make vegan Perfumes

First you will need a cup of 90% proof vodka. Now to drink I hasten to add! To the vodka you will need to add some essential oils. Make sure they are vegan essential oils and that they are suitable for cosmetic use. It usually says this on the label. You’ll also need some glass spray bottles to put the fragrance in. These can be purchases quite cheaply on the High Street Pound shops.

DIY Cruelty Free Perfume

You’ll need to mix in 20 parts of the alcohol to 1 part of the essential oil. I will say though it is a fun task and you may need to experiment a bit here to get the right scent. When you are happy with your perfume then put it in the bottles and seal it for around a month at least. Obviously the longer you leave it the more potent the smell will be and the less often you will need to apply it. It is good to give the perfume a good shake each time you use it to make sure the mix is lasts. Have a go at your own vegan perfumes.