I’ve been a Vegan now for almost 5 years and I really love the lifestyle. It’s not just the diet side of it either that gets me going it is the challenge of finding everything in life that is free from any cruelty to animals. One of the biggest challenges I found was my handbag. Now I have to tell you that me and my handbag go everywhere. I had a passion for lovely handbags and lots of leather ones too. So when I became a Vegan I had to reconsider this area of my life.

Now all my friends knew I loved handbags so the were all watching me to see how this would impact on my change of lifestyle. I knew they were watching so I set out to show them a thing or two eventually even giving the handbags as vegan presents www.dolma-perfumes.co.uk/vegan-candles-gifts/ at Christmas time.

Vegan Presents and handbags what are they made of?

There are lots of different fabrics out there that are used for making handbags including canvas and denim materials. However I was looking for something that was waterproof and hard wear and had all the properties of leather but wasn’t leather.  Well I was astounded when I found how great vegan leather is and how it can be used in clothing, shoes and even bags and laptop cases , suitcase well for everything really. It is really an artificial leather and is made from synthetics so no animal products. Sometimes you will see it described as faux or artificial leather.

Now there are a few things to watch out for here. The most popular kind of artificial leather is a textile which is covered with PVC. Now these are not really Vegan friendly. The best type to look for is the polyurethane artificial leather as these are lest harmful to the environment also it’s a lot softer that the PVC types.

I also found that some other vegan leathers are made from cork which can be combined with other synthetics to make it easier to shape and make it stronger too.  I’ve even found ones made from kelp and seaweed. So as you can see there are a variety of materials that can be used in bags other than real leather products. But what ever you choose you are sure to get some lovely vegan presents for anyone.